A downloadable game for Android

Cross and Blocks - puzzle game. The player is given the cross of colored blocks. Cross can be divided into five segments: left, right, top, bottom and center. Move the colored blocks on the cross, so that each segment of the cross were blocks of one color.

Moving blocks is only possible by a column or a whole row. At the same time shift the row or column should always be carried out through the central segment.

The game is very similar to the famous Rubik's Cube. But specific game mechanics Rubik's Cube complicates the classical implementation on smart phones and tablets. As a result, it is very difficult to find a suitable implementation. While the game mechanics Cross and Blocks adapted to the game on the touch screens of smartphones and tablets, which makes the game very convenient and enjoyable.

The game has two modes: Step by Step and Free Play. If you have difficulty in solving this kind of puzzles, you can start from the Step by Step. In this mode, you are presented with a simple task, thinking that you will be able to decide freely all situations. Then you can take the challenge in the Free Play mode serving to solve a random layout.

Published Jun 19, 2015


CrossAndBlocks-android.apk 2 MB